Five Gift Ideas To Make Dad Smile This Father’s Day

Imagine how life would be without real men and fathers. It is no secret that many men work their fingers to the bone to make the people in their lives comfortable. If you are a man who is working hard and doing all you can to provide and help others reach new heights, you deserve happiness.

Like the proverbial lizard, it is okay to pat yourself on the back.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to appreciate fathers and male mentors working their fingers to the bones. While special days celebrating the menfolk rarely come around, the third Sunday of June is the official day for the annual Father’s Day celebration.

This day offers you a chance to celebrate and pamper your man, father, and male mentors.

Here are five ways to make Father’s Day unforgettable for your daddy and mentor this year.

  1. Get Him Gadgets: Men love their electronic tools. Getting a new one will make him beam like he won a lottery. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a device for the man in your life. Whether it is a new phone, a tablet, PS5, a new laptop or a new sound system for the house, you are sure to score a point or two if you present him with a sleek gadget this Father’s Day.
  2. Think Fabrics: The mark of a stylish man is in the way his outfits sit on him. From corporate outfits that work well for meetings to traditional pieces for parties and other events, great textiles can make classy men stand out from the pack. The likelihood of getting a good discount when you buy two or more is on the high side. That means you save money while at it too.
  3. Choose Toiletries and Grooming Kits: This is more than a ‘you smell nice’ situation, going the whole nine yards requires buying him some good stuff that can make shower and show-up time fun. Think about how he would feel if he got a high-end grooming pack with shampoo, moisturizer, perfumes, hair/nail clipper e.t.c. If he is part of the beard gang, getting him a good shaving kit, bib plus beard oil, and will make him super happy.
  4. Pick Out Accessories: Looking dapper involves paying attention to detail. Items like belts, wristwatches, brooches, cufflinks, and more speak volumes when paired with the right outfit. One or more of these items or a standard mix from fashion experts will get you into Dad’s good books.
  5. Set Up a Virtual Party: It is no longer news that major events now happen virtually. Get all the party goodies, liaise with friends and familiar who also have men to celebrate and get a Zoom or Google Meets party link for interested people and share. Imagine how this would make his day without leaving the house. Think about it.

Now you have all the ideas you need for a Father’s Day celebration and a loan option from us to make it happen when you want. You have no excuse.

Go on and celebrate your Dad and mentor this Father’s Day.


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